Welcome to Openhouseforms.com

Openhouseforms.com allows you to make customized non-contact open house sign in forms

If you have stumbled acrosss this site, please feel free to use it! It was launched a little early to configure a better look for mobile and allow our colleagues to help test it. This version is running on SQLite. So if you get an error when submiting anything, just try again. That means that you somehow tried to submit something to the database at the exact same time someone else did. With a low user count, this shouldn't be a large issue at the moment. This will eventually be migrated over to Postgresql to fix this.

This is page was built by realtors for realtors

Main functions

- Add a listing and create custom sign in forms for each open house date
- Automatically generates QRCode to your openhouse sign in form that can be printed or displayed on any mobile device
- No internet or contact needed, The attendees scan the qrcode on the screen of your phone with their phone
- View list and details of attendees by all listings, specific listing or specific OpenHouse
- Automatically sends out Post Tour Email for feedback to open house attendee
- download to a csv file all Attendees, their sign in information and post tour feedback

The Future

We are constantly working on adding new features. Some of those include:

- automatically pulling in your listing and openhouse data after you have entered part of the address

- cleaner mobile look

- overall better funcionality, more javascript, less loading

- a very light CRM for keeping track of all of your clients

- importing of listing data and open house info from other sites

- mapping all openhouses from this website and the web

- making this an all around searchable listing site

- pull photos for your listing and display them

- mulitple email templates for post tour feedback and follow up

- this list goes on and on and on....

Submit Feedback

As mentioned, we are constantly updating the site, please use the contact us page to send any errors you find, suggestions or wishlist items. Any feedback is much appreciated!